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On June 23,2018 in Madawaska, Maine --- we will
be having our open house for the Madawaska
Information Center and we would like to invite all
Maine Experience Four Corners Tour Finishers to
a free party including a band, dancing in front of
the monument, hot dogs, soda and chips for all
finishers, our fireplace will be glowing and the
festivities will have you in a partying mode , you
must be wearing your Experience Tour tee shirts
for free food. We will be taking  a group photo of
all finishers in front of the monument. Guests are
invited, but their cost will be $5.00 for two hot
dogs a bag of chips and a soda. It all starts at the
Gate Way Motel Parking lot in  St David, you have
to be there before 9.00 a.m. come early so as to
take your place in the parade. From there  a
parade of the finishers and guests ,will be going
through town with a police escort and sirens , At
the park all bikes and cars will park on both sides
of the street in front of the park, as there will be
no vehicles entering the park. Attendance tickets
and food tickets will be given to the Tour
Finishers at the gate when you go in,  we will pick
one of the tickets for a cash prize. Guests will not
be entitled to a ticket.  Also other prizes will be
awarded with these tickets  You must be present
to win, if you are not present, we will pull another
ticket for a winner. All finishers staying in the
Madawaska, Motels Gateway Motel, Martins Motel
or Inn of Acadia ,will receive a 10 percent discount
on a one night stay if you are wearing your
Experience Tour shirt. Make sure to call them in
advance to book your one night stay as they might
be all full when you get here. You have to respond
to us before June 1st  (so we can know how many
of you will be attending),by calling 207-436-7451 or
207-436-7450  stating your name and the year you
became a finisher, and how many guests you are
bringing in so we can accommodate them also. Or
you can  e-mail us at Maine Experience Tour with
this same information
Everyone is invited to attend. No burnouts will be
tolerated at the Gateway MOTEL, on Main street
or, in front of the park.        RIDE SAFE
Experience Tour Party