Maine Four Corners EXPERIENCE Tour Rules  
The Maine Four Corners EXPERIENCE Tour, is open to motorcycles of all
sizes and makes, car, trucks or any over the road registered vehicles.
in, a check  or money order,  and a signed  notarized waiver, also the
Registration Form, for each participant.
Registration forms have to be  sent to the Madawaska Four Corners Park
Association,   P.O. Box 261 ,  Madawaska, Maine 04756, before leaving for the
Included in your registration fee , and to commemorate your achievement for
completing   the tour, you’ll receive  a free tee shirt with the Maine Four
Corners  EXPERIENCE Tour (LOGO)  , a document certificate , signed by the
Governor of Maine, verifying that you completed the tour. Your name, where
you live, and make and year of your motorcycle, car, truck, will be added to a
Maine finisher page on our website, along with the year of completion.
Participants not completing the tour will not be on the finisher page, and not
eligible for the free Tour tee shirt, and not be eligible for a registration refund.
This Tour is about 930 miles depending on the route you take. Make sure to
make your motel and hotel reservations in advance so that you will be
guaranteed a place to stay. You may take any desired road, to the designated
check points. Participants can do the tour on their own, at their own pace and
during any time of the year. You may also take multiple years to complete the
Tour, as long as you keep the proper receipts, which will include gas receipts
at all four corners,  with the date, a photo at each of the four check point
landmarks of you, with your motorcycle your car, or truck. For your gas
receipt, at Grafton Notch State Park ,gas up in Bethel.
After finishing the Tour , you may purchase a  finisher gray granite
paver, which will  be installed in the Madawaska Four Corners Park.
The cost of the paver, will include,  written on the granite paver
"Maine Four Corners EXPERIENCE Tour". If you would like to have the
Tour crest logo on the paver, this would be an extra $150.00 , plus the
cost of the paver.. The mode of transportation ,while you were doing
the tour, will be added to the bottom of the gray granite paver, car,
motorcycle, truck etc.
Maine Four Corners Park EXPERIENCE Tour check points  include :
Madawaska ( Four Corners Park),   Lubec  (post office),  Kittery (trading
post)  and , Grafton Notch (State
We want you to have a safe     Maine Four Corners EXPERIENCE Tour

You can contact us at   1-207-436-