I remember Pepere Edmond   [THE BEST PEPERE ANYONE COULD HAVE]
[ Kurl the best horse a young man could have]
1....on a bright Easter Sunday in front of the store with pepere on the sidewalk, I  looked at him he was standing
tall with his white shirt and neck tie , I had a white shirt but no necktie so I told him about it, and he said wait here ,
he comes out with one of his neckties ,put the tie around my neck, tucks the big wide side inside my shirt and  
puts the small side out of my shirt. All of a sudden I have a short tie just like my pepere  and away we go to
Church, boy was I proud, and proud to have a Pepere like that.
2...he had an old ford 4 {kat} that he would go selling town talk bread to the local houses, my job was to run to the
house and ask how my bread do you need.
one day coming out of the drive way, a car hits us on my side destroying the old car, we no longer could sell
3..He bought a horse and boggy and started to go from house to house
bringing garbage to the dump, I would go with him ,the dump was on 11th ave than.
4....He had a horse named Kurl, I loved that horse ,when pepere  was looking for me I would hide between  kurls
legs and did not think pepere could see me, he pretended that he did not, so did Kurl.
5....I did not have any toys so one day pepere took a 2x4 and cut it to make an axel with two wheels on the end
two spikes holding the wheels and in the center he stuck a pole at the 45 degree angle so I was able to steer the
wheels That was great for a time, but at 18 I thought I should go for a car . lol
6...Pepere bought a piece of land on Gagnon Road for farming potatoes ,we would pitch Kurl on the wagon and
head out to the field. We had to go up Gagnon Road which was very steep, Kurl would make it up the hill, but
when he got on top we would have to stop because she was sweating and had foam on her back, pepere  would
wipe her down and there was a stream nearby and he would get water for her to drink, my duty when we got to the
field was to take the reins and drive Kurl while Pepere would take care of the hoe and planting the potatoes, I was
to tell Kurl. gee and pull on the left rein for her to go left  and com-e-a-ha for her to turn right and pulling the right
reins,   he had brought eggs for us to eat, the only thing to boil water was the pail that Kurl would drink out of, I
told pepere, Kurl drank in that pail. He answered a horse's mouth is clean he will not drink if the pail is dirty ,so we
boiled the eggs and made an egg sandwich for lunch, best egg sandwich I ever ate ,cause my pepere was the
greatest guy on earth.
a hard time, It was not going good and I wanted help him and to get his attention  I grab a hand full of nails and
threw them in the field, all I remember is the back of his hand saw on the bottom of my fanny. boy did it hurt so I
7..One day pepere was making a shed in back of the LaChance store and I wanted to help him but he was having
went to see my mom and told her Pepere broke my fanny in French I told her I had not done anything to Pepere
,mom told me Pepere did not spank you for nothing, You better believe I never did , do that again, still hurts lol    
8...Pepere loved horses , one day I found a plastic toy horse in the field, bought it home and played with it. One
day missing my horse and trying to find him I asked Pepere if he had seen it, all the time seeing my horse on the
wall on the shelf he had just made, I knew he loved the horse, so I never asked him again (do you hear that
Pepere, I knew where my horse was, but knew you loved him better.
9....Pepere  did not want me to ride Kurl when he was not around, he was scared I would fall off him and hurt
myself. One day Kurl was outside eating I bought her next to the wagon ,climbed on the wheel and hopped on Kurl
,riding her bareback all around the yard, Pepere was not too thrilled to see me on Kurl  but when I  explained how
I had got on Kurl and that it was impossible, forme, my love for this horse and not being able to ride him ,he knew
what I meant, he loved horses too so he told me to be careful
10. He worked for Fraser Paper a short time in the place called the finishing room cutters.
11..I would bring him his lunch for dinner, I was not going to school yet and would pick up Mr. Whites lunch box at
the same time they lived in back of our house, his wife would pay me 10 cents for the errand
12. he later started working for Al Thiffault at Als' Tavern as a bartender, I would bring his lunch to him there, a
the guys were standing up no bar bar stools, if you were too drunk "out you go".
13... A guy once drove his Harley into Als'Tavern to escape the police, while pepere was working there.
REST IN PEACE PEPERE  LaChance it was an honor to be related to you
by Joe LaChance
for his grandfather