Not Everyone Can Ride 6,000
In 21 days or less
Can You ??
Join Us For This Grand Adventure

rules are simple. You have 21 days (or less) to
ride your motorcycle (or trike) to these Four
Corner cities of the United States; San Ysidro
CA, Blaine WA, Madawaska ME, and Key
West FL using any route and sequence you
desire. You do not have to return to the first
corner to finish the event. The ride is
approximately 6,500 miles (depending on
your routing), not including your travel to the
first corner and your ride home from your
final corner.
your motorcycle from one of the Four Corners
of the United States then to the Geographical
Center of the USA in Lebanon Kansas. Then,
ride to one of the remaining three corners and
back to Lebanon, KS. Ride to one of the two
remaining corners and then back to Lebanon,
KS, and finally ride to the fourth corner to
complete the ride. Complete this ride in 26
days or less and become a USA Four Corners
True X finisher. Upon completion, you will
receive a specially designed pin, towel, hat
and plaque for this astounding
accomplishment. The ride is approximately
11,000 miles (depending on your route), not
(Continued on Reverse)
including your travel distance to the first
corner and your ride home from the final
Note 1: You must become an SCMA member
to register for this ride and you must complete
a Release Of Liability (ROL) form, printed in
color and notarized, to receive a starter’s
Note 2: Riders completing the True X in 21
days or less will receive both the regular Four
Corners pin AND the TRUE X pin as well as a
designation in the SCMA finisher’s rolls on the
SCMA website indicating their outstanding
Note 3: Trikes qualify for this ride.
For more information and
registration, visit our website at: