Titanium Butt Rules (Challenge)
 For bikers who love a challenge

1.. You have to Register every time for 5 Maine Experience Tours, following all the
same rules as the regular Experience Tour.  (example: one gas receipts for every
corner , a photo of you with your vehicle at every corner, etc... ) every time you do the
tour,there is no time limit,you can use multiple years to to this tour,as long as you
keep all photos and gas receipts,

In your photos at the corners,use  a cardboard with  the tour number you are doing
showing you and your vehicle .This will be added to your full page on our website.
When you have finished the 5 tours, send all 20 receipts and 20 photos to
Madawaska Four Corners Park Association ,Box 261 ,Madawaska, Maine 04756  
through snail mail or e-mail . fourcornerspark@roadrunner.com

We already have your records, so if you did the tour previously it counts toward the
five times. You have to mention what years you did the tours.

What do you get when you finish the tour 5 times?

1.. You get the Titanium Patch  (You get the Experience Tour shirt with the Titanium
Butt Patch already sewn on the right sleeve)

2..Titanium riders are first in line at the Finisher parades

3..You get the Titanium Finisher Certificate

4..You get a full page of you, with your bike on our website
madawaskafourcorners.org  (Titanium Butt Riders) button

5..You get 10% discount on any purchase at the park store.

6.. You may purchase the Titanium Butt Lapel Pin for $8.00

6.. You  get to write a short story  about your experience  doing the Tour. (you have
to write your own story) This will be inserted on your personal page in our Website .
You can also send us your business card to put on your page.

 Have Fun, Ride Safe and, Love MAINE
                   Madawaska Four Corners Park Association
Lapel Pin 1 1/2 "