Mail Donations to:
Welcome Information Center
P.O.Box 261
Madawaska, Maine
Together we will make it happen.
We will have a plaque at the entrance of the building with all the names of
people,  who have  contributed $100.00 or more.  Larger contributions will be
bigger Font sized and on top, smaller contributions with be smaller Font sized.
The Madawaska Four Corners Park Association wish to thank you all in advance
for your generous contributions.
Motorcyclists working together to make a better world.
We are a 501 (c)  (3) non-profit organization

In short, we created the only long-distance motorcycle park in the world.  And, true to
eat in our restaurants and lodge in our hotels, thus helping to keep the town alive, even
as they themselves become a tourist draw for others.  But we have a logistical problem
at the park related to a very necessary condition of tourists everywhere:  the need of a
“Welcome/Information Center” with a lavatory and a flush toilet.

As a tourist destination, Madawaska hosted the World Acadian Congress in 2014,
featuring as many as 120 family reunions from as far south as Louisiana and as far north
as Quebec.  This was an historically significant event with over 40,000 tourists, many of
whom warmed the granite benches at the park or doused their necks with the cooling
waters at our fountain.  We made them welcome with everything we had, including the
best of what we had in toilet facilities, meaning two very hot and smelly porta-potties.

With your help, however, we can build more proper accommodations for our visitors’
physical comfort so that, refreshed and relaxed, they can gaze upon a vista of flowers
or laze in one of our shaded gazebos or idle an hour in reading the hundreds of
engraved pavers to our Acadian forebears and to the pioneers of the open road.  The
cost of the Welcome/Information Center is estimated at $21,000 for a building sized at
14x28 feet, including full handi-cap restroom facilities.  Your donation is fully tax
deductible, since the park is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

At its most basic, the park has shown the once-disheartened residents of Madawaska
that, when we all work together, we can accomplish miracles.  But, at this point, we
have to ask for your help.  We’ve exhausted all other means in getting ourselves this
far.  As Shoeless Joe might have said in Field of Dreams:  “If you fund it, we will build
it.  If we build it, they will come.” If you find value in our proposal (enough to make a
donation today), we thank you in the name of our many tourists who will use these
facilities in happy comfort.

Should you require more information on how and why this park evolved from dark
beginnings mired in frustration (such as when Homeland Security commandeered the
land we'd acquired as our first site) into an internationally known tourist destination
drawing visitors from the US, Europe and Asia, I invite you to check our website and
acknowledgments regarding what we've accomplished thus far, as well as what we
hope to accomplish with your help.  After all, the full details of the Welcome/Information
Center, including the proposed floor plan, are just a click away.  
click: Together we can do this.
Donations can be sent to:
Madawaska Four Corners Park
P.O.BOX 261
Madawaska, Maine
04756            c/o Welcome/Information Center