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Madawaska Four Corners Park
The Madawaska Four Corners Park Association
has developed a tour for motocyclists who do
not have the time or funds to do a long tour.
this morning (Oct. 6th) at 9AM. Motor Scooter International Land Speed Federation's
(MSILSF) Real Cannonball race began in Imperial Beach, California, on Sunday, October
5.  Students learned about  the race through a WOWL video (found here) of Brian
Bouley, Madawaska Chamber Director, in California FaceTiming with Madawaska Town
Manager, Ryan Pelletier, at the start of the race.  Students made posters to welcome the
race finishers and listened to the award presentations made by Mr. Joe LaChance

grand summer. All is great in NH. We have been home just over a month. Currently
awed daily by the leaf colors. We had our doubts that the foliage would be grand
We want to thank you for your encouragement and/or interest in our adventure. We
always enjoyed your emails...thanks for taking the time to think of us.

Here's a recap of our trip....shared for your reading enjoyment :)

We departed NH on May 31st 2014 and finished on Sept 5th, 2016 but didn't pedal
during the winters.  We pedaled a total of 16,126 miles by living/traveling on the
tandem for 13 months. The trip took us through 28 states and 5 Canadian
Providences, and we averaged 61 miles a day on the days we pedaled.  We
circumnavigated the US by pedaling the tandem to the 4 corners of the continental
US, plus Fairbanks, Alaska (we came within 80 miles of the arctic circle), and then
pedaled home to NH.  

It was truly an awesome adventure and we meet many wonderful people, which
restored our faith in how GREAT Americans are.  It is impossible to say which area
we liked the best, since we really enjoyed every day, even if it was raining and cold
:)  A few examples are riding along the Saint Lawrence Seaway in Quebec, pedaling
along the Pacific ocean while watching whales breach alongside of us, riding
through the everglades with alligators along side the road,  the "Avenue of the
Giants" redwood trees, crossing the Straits of Mackinaw, watching glaciers calving
into the sea, the bayous of Louisiana, the long hot deserts in the Southwest, the
endless cornfields in the Midwest, seeing Denali Mountain at sunrise, riding the
370 mile Erie canal, crossing the golden-gate bridge, crossing the Rocky,
Cascade, Sierra, White and Green Mountain passes, seeing grizzly bear in the
ditches along the Alaska Highway, and spending time with family and friends.

We are extremely grateful and truly blessed to have been able to
complete our goal.

We wish you the very best that the world, family, and friends has to

Pete and the SMOKING Engine Princess  (OH YES, I acquired
quite the "TITLE" along the
Canadian and international tourists entering the United States from the Saint John River Bridge suffer a first impression of
tourists will, within a few minutes, get a second impression of us that we are working hard to cultivate.

On leaving the river bank from either of two exit roads, this factory-town impression is quickly extinguished by sight of the
magnificent arch over Madawaska’s Four Corners Park...welcoming tourists with a vista of flowers, a gushing fountain
refreshing the air, picnic facilities in shaded gazebos and, more entertaining still, hundreds of engraved pavers to our
Acadian forebears and to the pioneers of the open road.

As President and Founder of the Madawaska Four Corners Park, as well as a former member of the Aroostook County
Tourism board and the recipient of the Maine Governor’s Award for Creativity in tourism, I recognize that we need to do more
for our newfound friends from down-state, out-of-state and from across the border in Canada.  If we can immediately get
down to brass tacks with a rather crude illustration, this is one of the problems we have to tackle:

While our existing facilities have proved tolerable in the past, a single toilet gump is not reflective of the esteem in which we
hold our visitors.  For European and Asian tourists entering the United States from Canada in particular, the park is their first
impression of American hospitality and neighborliness before they travel downstate, lavishing easy money into the local
economies of Maine and beyond.  For these people, who already feel out-of-place in a foreign country, a smelly toilet gump is
not how we want them to remember their visit to America.

As such, with your help, we wish to build a more proper accommodation for their physical comfort and to excite their
spendthrift inclinations while on vacation, in short: a “Welcome Center” and information site, where they can learn more
about the area and our history.  The cost of this project is estimated at $21,000 for a building sized at 14x24 feet, including full
restroom facilities with actual sewer installation.  We are counting on a $10,000 grant from the state of Maine, still in the
works, but are falling short of the full $21,000 to accomplish our mission.

From its earliest beginnings to the present, the park serves to bring a much-needed influx of tourists to bolster what is still a
dwindling economy.  At its most basic, the park shows the disheartened residents of Madawaska that, if we all work together,
we can save our little town.  With the generosity of good people who make charitable contributions to worthwhile projects on
“Go Fund Me,” we are sure to reach our goal.                                        

The full details of this project, including a floor plan, are included with this proposal. In addition, should you require more
information on how and why this park evolved into an internationally known institution drawing tourists from Europe and
Asia, I invite you to click on our website in order to see pictures and visitor acknowledgements of what we’ve accomplished
so far. Our website is

In closing:  We, who serve on the Madawaska Four Corners Park Committee, trust that you will see the value in our proposal,
not only in serving this remote town in the most northern reaches of the state and country, but in helping the local
economies throughout the state. For this, we extend our heartfelt thanks for your consideration.  With your help, we can
make the "Welcome Center" a reality.
Donations can be sent to Madawaska Four Corners Park Assoc. P.O. Box 261 Madawaska, Maine 04756 or on our website
with PayPal.

Thank You for considering The Welcome Information Center at the Madawaska Four Corners Park, for your donations.

Sincerely Presented,

Joe LaChance
Founder and President           
Madawaska Four Corners Park  
depression last July. All funds raised are going towards the scholarship. Kickstands up at 11:00am at the
TRUCKS ARE ALSO WELCOME! The ride will travel north through Caribou up around Madawaska and will
end at the Van Buren Tasty Food whom has graciously offered to donate part of the proceeds from food
sold that day. Donations are appreciated and bracelets will also be sold as a fundraiser. Thank you for your
support and sharing the event. Karl