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Dear friends and fellow motorcycle enthusiast,
Congratulations on your participation in the S.C.M.A. Four Corners Tours!  If you did not
do the tours, but want to participate and support  this park, we would be honored.

As a fellow motorcycle  enthusiast, I share your enjoyment of both the sport of
motorcycling, and the great outdoors.

In this spirit,  the Madawaska Four Corners Park Association has created a park to   
honor the
S.C.M.A Four Corners Tour finishers, participants and all motorcyclists.  

The Park is located prominently on a hillside terrace overlooking the main thoroughfare
in downtown Madawaska, the Four Corners Park was created to honor
those hearty souls who saddle their motorcycles for a grueling cross-country trek to the
outermost reaches of the continental United States. As the Southern California
Motorcycle Association’s primary challenge to long-distance bikers, the Four Corners
Tour requires each candidate to “travel by motorcycle to the four corners of the U.S in
21 days or less,” with Madawaska representing the most northeastern aspect (while
Blaine in Washington, San Ysidro in California and Key West in Florida serve as the
other three points--though none other with benefit of a park, which is specifically
dedicated to their achievement, or the fanfare that often accompanies the Madawaska
leg of this journey). Following are three, of hundreds of similar, endorsements which
attest to the friendly WELCOME accorded tour participants:

• Bill Kraus from Brandon, Vermont, commented in the Madawaska Four Corners Park
guestbook: “Hurricane Irene and I arrived on the same day so I didn't get to spend as
much time at the park as I would have liked. The Four Corners Park and the
townspeople, who offered to take photos of me and my bike, were simply amazing.”

• Blaine48 from Santa Ana, California, wrote in TripAdvisor: “I was on the road for most
of the month of June 2011 on this journey of a lifetime. Madawaska, with this great park
and terrific people, was one of the highlights of the trip. If you find yourself in
Madawaska on a touring motorcycle, chances are you will get a wave and a hello and a
‘Have you seen our park?’ shouted from the sidewalk or a rolled-down car window. Can’
t help but love those Acadians!”

• Jean LeBoeuf from New Orleans, Louisiana, stated in Cycle World: “This is an
extremely welcoming town for motorcycle enthusiasts. On the SCMA’s website, there’s
this intriguing note for participants of the tour: ‘The Madawaska Four Corners Park
Association will welcome any group of five riders or more, who are completing this
class event inaugurated 25 years ago, with an honorary ‘police escort’ from the town
lines through Main Street and, ultimately, to the Madawaska Four Corners Park itself.’”

With an unparalleled view of the Saint John River and the city of Edmundston, Canada,
on the opposite shore (seemingly just a stone’s throw away), the park boasts an
impressive 12-foot tall, blue-pearl granite monument dedicated to those wind-burnt and
saddle-sore participants who persevere in their quest to join the ranks of SCMA’s “tour
finishers.” Townspeople and car-borne tourists, enjoying the natural beauty of the park
or a picnic lunch in the shade of the gazebos on a lazy summer afternoon, are sure to
witness tour riders from across the USA, Europe, South America and Japan, as they
pause in their travels to wipe the bugs from their visors and shake the dust off their
leathers. Each biker has his and her own story to tell; and, not surprisingly, there’s
always a local resident lolling around the 20-foot wide, night-lit fountain at the center of
the park who is anxious to hear those harrowing tales, as well as to offer advice on
where to eat authentic Acadian food or where to spend a restful night.

A unique feature of this park is the run of red and gray pavers fronting the fountain and
serving as footpaths and walkways across well-kept lawns to an ice-cold drinking
fountain, a sparkling-clean restroom and a night-blazing fireplace. Red pavers celebrate
tour finishers, with all pertinent information, such as: who they are, what they rode, when
they toured, where they came from and why they came; whereas, chiseled with
heartening and celebratory messages, the gray granite pavers are reserved for park
supporters who wish to memorialize a business venture, an important event in their lives
or a loved one, perhaps deceased, whom they wish to honor in a lively and enlivening
environment. A woodland cape of native trees, flowers and ferns surrounds the upper
edge of the park, giving a dappled shade in the shimmering heat of the summer months
across hundreds of these red and gray pavers.

In 2014, Madawaska hosted the World Acadian Congress, featuring as many as 120
family reunions. These family members drove and flew from as far away as Louisiana,
all across the eastern seaboard and down from Quebec Canada, representing an
historically significant event with over 40,000 tourists, many of
whom have warmed the granite benches and tables at the park. Through countless
volunteer hours and generous donations from motorcycle enthusiasts and community
leaders, the Madawaska Four Corners Park has become an important cornerstone of
the tourist industry in this area, with people from all over the world participating in the

Thank you for your continuing support,

Joe LaChance, President & Founder
Madawaska Four Corners Park Association

•        Tax deductible donations in any amount are greatly appreciated as we are not
sponsored by the State or local towns (we are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization).       

To order your personalized granite paver, become a sponsor, or make a donation,
please complete the
Internet order form and send it with your check or money order
payable to:
The Madawaska Four Corners Park Association
PO. Box 261
Madawaska, Maine 04756

For more information and to view photos of the park  
please visit us at
To learn more about the S.C.M.A. and their USA FOUR CORNERS TOUR or

If at anytime you would like to speak with me directly, please feel free to contact me at
207-436-7451 or

Thank you for your support,
Joe LaChance
President, and Founder, Madawaska Four Corners Park Association    (M.F.C.P.A)