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Madawaska Four Corners Park
Madawaska, Maine
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P.O. Box 4247
Ventura, California 93007-4247


Or, register on the web site after becoming a member of the SCMA.   You may only register after becoming a
member of the SCMA.

1.  This is a self-directed motorcycle tour and the entire distance must be ridden on your motorcycle.  Ferry rides
are acceptable over rivers and lakes.  Motorcycles with side cars and trikes are considered motorcycles for this
event.  No other vehicles are permitted on any part of this event.

2.  You must be a member of the Southern California Motorcycling Association (SCMA).

3.  A signed, Notarized Release and Indemnity Form must be received prior to your departure and remain in effect
until you return from the Tour in order to be considered an eligible participant of this event.  DOWNLOAD A
4.  The four (4) official checkpoints for the regular USA Four Corners Tours are:
a) San Ysidro, California;
b) Blaine, Washington;
c) Madawaska, Maine;
d) Key West, Florida.

5.  When completing the USA Four Corners Tour True X the official checkpoints ALSO include Lebanon, Kansas in
between each of the checkpoints listed in #4,  and must be visited three times.  Example:  San Ysidro, CA;
Lebanon, KS; Blaine, WA; Lebanon, KS; Madawaska, ME; Lebanon, KS; Key West, FL

There are no other checkpoints.  SUBSTITUTES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

6.  You may visit the four checkpoints in any sequence and by any route you desire. You do not have to return to
the first checkpoint in order to finish this event.

7.  You start the event by visiting the first checkpoint of your choice and taking a photograph of your motorcycle in
front of any of the USA Four Corner landmarks at each checkpoint.  Be certain to include your numbered towel in
the photograph.  You must also fill out a checkpoint form (to be returned to USA Four Corners office AFTER the
ride is complete, and get a computer generated gas receipt with the location, date, and time listed on the receipt.

8.  You are allowed Twenty-One (21) days total time to complete the regular USA Four Corners and Twenty-Six
days (26) days to complete the TRUE X.  Time will be measured on the gas receipt at each checkpoint.  The start
of the ride is determined by the DATE/TIME/LOCATION stamp on your computer generated gas receipt.  Be sure
the computer generated receipt contains this information in the checkpoint city.  There are no time extensions given
to anyone for repairs, flat tires, rain, cold, illness, etc. You have two calendar years to start the tour.

9.  If you complete the TRUE X in the 21 days required to do the regular ride, you will receive the pin, hat and decal
for BOTH rides.

10. You must MAIL the following AFTER completion of your tour:

USA FOUR CORNER TOUR (Regular)                                                                                 
a)  Computer generated gas receipts with date, time, location from each of the four corners.  (Write license plate
number on receipt) If no stations are open, a receipt from the nearest open gas station will be accepted.

b) Photograph of your motorcycle in front of any of the USA Four Corner destination landmarks with your towel
number in the photograph.

c)  Four Corner checkpoint forms listing your name, address, bike type, make, model, mileage, date, time, and
location.  (See form)

USA FOUR CORNER TOUR  (TRUE X) Same as Regular but add Lebanon, Kansas three

11. You will be declared a finisher of this event after the committee has received, reviewed, and verified materials
are complete.  Include your photos, gas receipts and proof of visit forms for all four checkpoints (seven, if doing the
TRUE X).  The decision of the committee is final.  If the committee (or you) have questions, you may be contacted
by phone or e-mail, or contact the SCMA for any clarification needed.

12.  No changes to these rules are authorized, except Hurricanes where the state of Florida has the road to the
Keys blocked; you may use that barrier as the Key West Hurricane Corner and photograph at that location.

* Application for SCMA membership, Information Sheet, Rules, and AMA Release Forms  are available on our web
site.  The Release of Liability form MUST be notarized and printed in color.