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Madawaska Four Corners Park
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Lodging                                City / Town              Phone #    

Pond Brook Cabins                         Eagle Lake                      207444-6108
Aroostook Hospitality Inn           Washburn                 207455-8567
Aroostook Hospitality Inn                 Van  Buren                     207484-6200
Budget Traveler Motor Lodge    Presque Isle              207769-0111          
Camps of Acadia                      Eagle Lake                207444-5207
Caribou Inn & Convention Center    Caribou                 207498-3733
Cozy Log Rentals                       St. Agatha                207543-6349
Cross Rock Inn                          St. Francis                207398-3191  
Crown Park Inn                          Caribou                     207493-3311
Dean's Motor Lodge                  Portage Lake             207435-3701   
Gateway Motel                         Madawaska               207728-3318
Hedrichs Motel                          Presque Isle              207768-5741

Inn of Acadia                            Madawaska               207728-3402

Lakeside Lodge                        Sinclair                       207543-7517               
Long Lake Camps                     Sinclair                       207543-6390
Long Lake Motor Inn                 St. Agatha                   207543-5006  

Martin's Motel                          Madawaska                 207728-3395

Northeastland Hotel                  Presque Isle                 207768-5321
Northern Door Inn                      Fort Kent                    207834-3133
Northern Lights Motel                Presque Isle                207764-4441              
Overlook Motel                         Eagle Lake                  207444-4535

All Season Lakeside  Cottages   St Agatha                    207543-6600

Tardif Family Camp Rentals          St. Agatha  Call        207728-7888

The Other Maine - Log Cabin Rentals   Madawaska      207728-6273

Top of Maine Cottage Rentals    St. David                    207728-4740
Winterville Lakeview Camps        Eagle Lake                 207444-4581           

Camp Grounds

Birch Point Campgrounds          St. David                 207728-6613
Fort Kent RV Park                    Fort Kent                 207834-5824
Lakeview Campgrounds         St. Agatha               207543-6331
Long Lake Camping RV            Sinclair                     207543-7563
Tastee Freeze Camping            Van Buren                207868-3011
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