Maine Four Corners Tour Rules and Regulations

Maine Four Corners Experience Tour Rules

The Maine Four Corners EXPERIENCE Tour is open to motorcycles of all sizes and makes, cars, trucks, or any over-the-road registered vehicles. It is also open for walkers.


Registration fee: $50 for the driver and each passenger registering. (US funds only) $20 NSF funds for returned checks.

Payment: may be made by check, money order or call to pay with a credit card.

Waiver: A waiver must be sent with your registration and notarized. Waiver available at

You may send registration and waiver via e-mail or text or by snail mail if mailing your registration, waiver, and payment.
e-mail: or
text: 207-436-7450
Address: PO Box 261, Madawaska Maine 04756

Your registration fee includes a T-shirt exclusively printed for the Experience Tour Finishers (not available for sale) and a certificate of completion signed by the Governor of Maine. Your information such as your name, where you live, the make and year of the vehicle, and your photo will be posted as a finisher on our Website at along with all the other finishers (recorded by year of completion).

This tour is approximately 630 miles depending on the route you take (not including your return home). You may take any desired route to the designated checkpoints. You should plan your route and make your lodging reservation in advance so you will be guaranteed a place to stay. There is no time limit. You may take multiple years to complete the Tour as long as you keep the proper receipts and photos at each landmark.

Records: At each checkpoint, you will need to acquire a gas receipt and take a photo of yourself with your motorcycle, auto, or truck in front of a landmark that identifies the checkpoint (but no cars or trucks in front of the monument please). Please do not take a group photo, only the person registered should appear in the photo or your photo will be cropped! Driver and passenger may be in same photo only If both are registered After completing the Tour and all information is received and accepted, you may purchase a MAINE FOUR CORNERS EXPERIENCE TOUR paver. Check our paver order form for current pricing at

Checkpoints are:

  • Madawaska (Four Corners Park Monument)
  • Lubec (Post office)
  • Grafton Notch (Official State Park sign) Get gas receipt in Bethel
  • Kittery (Kittery Trading Post building)

Have a safe Trip!

Titanium Butt Challenge Rules

Titanium Butt Rules. The patch for the Titanium Butt Challenge - those riders who have successfully finished the Four Corners Tour five times

This tour is for bikers who love a challenge and want to visit the great State of Maine.

To be awarded the title of Titanium Butt finisher, you need to register and complete the Maine Four Corners Experience Tour five times, each time following all the same rules as tour number 1, 2, 3, and 4 of the Experience Tour. You need to register for each tour and complete each tour separately.

Once you complete your 5th tour, submit your gas receipts and photos taken in front of the corner landmarks with you and your motorcycle (or automobile). (same rules as tours 1 through 4).

Send your documents by:

Mail to Madawaska Four Corners Park, PO Box 261, Madawaska, Maine 04756
Email: or (best)
Text Message: 207-436-7450 (Diane LaChance)

Don’t worry, if you have done tours 1 through 4, we have your records. Don’t forget to indicate on your registration form which tour number you are undertaking.

Benefits of becoming a Titanium Butt Finisher.

  1. Bragging rights! You have ridden over 5000 miles in Maine!!!
  2. You receive a T-Shirt exclusively made and designed for the Titanium Butt Finishers.
  3. You receive a patch exclusively made and designed for the Titanium Butt Finishers.
  4. You receive a pin exclusively made and designed for the Titanium Butt Finisher.
  5. You receive a well-deserved Titanium Butt Finisher Certificate signed by the Governor State of Maine.
  6. You receive a Titanium Butt 10% discount card towards store merchandise (excluding pavers or tour)
  7. You get a VIP invitation to our events and will ride first in line during any of our parades.
  8. You may purchase a gray paver with the Titanium Butt Finisher caption (the logo has an additional cost).

Joe LaChance, Park Founder and President


Maine Four Corners Rules